It’s easy to make the decision to select Brown Wood Preserving Company as your treated utility pole manufacturer. All it takes is a quick glance at the list of benefits enjoyed by you as one of our customers.

  • You can rely on the convenience and accountability of single source service, from timber selection through delivery
  • Innovative technology new and unique to the industry
  • You can have faith in consistent high quality, a natural function of the control that comes with in-house forestry, kiln drying and peeling operations, and treatment
  • You have options with our complete range of treatments and coatings — Penta, CCA and CCA-ET® — one to meet your specifications for location and application
  • You are prepared for any situation with our around-the-clock emergency service
  • You need not worry about delays in delivery with our company-owned fleet of delivery trucks equipped with booms to unload poles exactly where you need them
  • Your needs are never long from being met because of our capacity and strategically situated locations
  • You deal with a company with thorough knowledge of your specifications
  • You are prepared in times of natural disaster because we have sufficient inventory on hand for immediate response

Brown Wood Preserving Co.

Customer-focused • Innovation-driven • Family-owned